ACO Informatica, a software company created with professional skills in the Customs sector, in logistics and in information technology, to give life to innovative management programmes and to respond to every type of customs need. For the supervision of wharehousing of goods and dealing with consignments.


The company, that is operating since 2000, has a long experience the above sectors that require specific and specialised skills in Customs IT and trade analysis as well as the continued updating on the frequent changes in techniques presented into each sector of national and European regulations. Thanks to all that ACO Informatica is able to do in vertical, complete and innovative solutions.


The group of professionals forming ACO Informatica made up of a diverse experience who are constantly updated. The members of the company have reached a solid maturity of background, each one in their own field (customs, accounting/administrative and logistics), are in a position to advise clients, the most efficient solutions in automation and administration.

The winning choice for the company’s products is the development of modular and flexible software solutions, studied to satisfy the needs management and administration various types of client companies, of types, sizes. From the single specialised professional (freelance) offering specific tailor-made services for third parties to complex multinationals with demanding operations.