arkymede_littleThe private customs deposits, VAT and Excise Tax are tools that have become indispensable for companies that import from abroad, in that it allows to defer payment of taxes(duties, VAT, excise etc.) after the sales instead (as was done traditionally) at the moment of arrival; thereby bringing enormous financial advantages of deferring payments at the time of trade invoicing or in receipt of payment.

Such deposits managed with traditional methods require complex operations and the deployment of specialised personnel that reduce even cancel the economic advantages of such operations.

To find solutions to such complexities Arkymede has been created.

Thanks to major strides offered in data communication and received with strong commitment by the Customs Agency, today it is possible to enact complex operations with “very few clicks of the mouse” in an environment highly controlled and organized without burdensome waste of inserting data and a deep knowledge of customs on the part of the operators.

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