logimaticaThe platform, Logimatica is dedicated specifically to companies that must manage logistics with great care and attention for the integration both fiscal and customs.

Flexible and easily personalized, this has been developed to manage all the problems linked to purchase orders, sales and administration of wharehousing for:

  • Manufacturing companies, goods consignments (also under excise), sales, of importation and re-sales and Tax representation in Italy for foreign companies.
  • Transport companies and freight forwarders for logistics services, customs brokers that manage tax and VAT deposits, accounts of intermediary distribution companies.

The platform is modular, the modules are activated singularly and it’s possible to vary the functions of any user (client), with the capacity to expand and adapt for future needs. This feature guarantees the management and control, which is also totally integrated with commercial activities, logistics and administration, complete with an on-time statistical analysis of data, for small, medium and large organisations.

All modules available in Logimatica, activated singularly, are:

  • Condivisione archivi e programmi di BASE
  • Logistica
  • Acquisti e vendite
  • Accise
  • Gestione Barcode
  • Archiviazione elettronica
  • Esportazione dati
  • Ricezione dati esterni


Integrazioni con U-BY-CARGO:

  • Creazione pratiche trasporti / spedizioni
  • Deposito Doganale Privato
  • Creazione pratiche magazzino
  • Dogana Telematica
  • Deposito IVA

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