ybaseY-BASE is the accounting application created for companies that operate in the field of goods handling and customs environment, for this reason we offer the following specific options:

  • Single statements (for foreign correspondents in a way to print invoices for both credit and debit, in one single document)
  • Check the advance disbursements of paid invoices in case order
  • Cost records/revenues in the correct dossier orders (also for travel, only losses, per line…)
  • Balances by correct dossier order instead of numbers of invoices (to tie advances to the invoices)
  • Printing of account statements with the indication of the dossier number and with the possibility to separate advances not yet invoiced on the balance requested
  • Ceiling list of habitual VAT exporters
  • Multilingual balance and statements to show and manage different foreign currencies


Accounting Basic
prima nota, statement of accounts, Balance sheet, Ri.Ba. free invoicing, cash flow analysis.

Accounting Extended
contabilità semplice + registri IVA, libro giornale, bilancio di verifica e di esercizio, contabilità analitica.

Additional Modules:

  • Bilancio riclassificato UE
  • Gestione centri di costo
  • Gestione anticipi da bolle doganali
  • Dichiarazioni d’intento
  • Intrastat
  • Cespiti
  • Archiviazione elettronica


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