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Contact technical support:

from Monday to Friday, 08:30 – 13:00 and 14:00 – 18:00

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +39 0254123422
  • Fax: +39 0233490892


Please contact an operator before remote connection.

To send support requests regarding the use of ACO Informatica softwares, to report technical faults or ask for technical advisory, please follow the instructions below:

1. Request of technical support

  • Procedure: All requests must be sent to this email address:, which can be visualized at any time by all ACO Informatica experts. If you send your request exclusively to the personal address of an expert, no answer is guaranteed. Requests of support via fax or telephone will be accepted only if they cannot be sent by email (for example, in case of PC breakdown or lack of Internet connection).
  • Request content: The request must be as precise and exhaustive as possible and must contain the following: the name of the application for which support is being requested, the name and telephone number of the operator asking for support and, if there is a programme error, the line number, error content and version number. Each communication must match only one report or request. In case you have different or multiple problems, please send different requests.

2. Trouble Ticket assignment

Upon receiving the request, ACO Informatica experts will quickly assign a ticket number, which will be communicated via email to the address from which the request was made, indicating its priority.

The ticket use gives several benefits to the Customer:

  • Traceability of the request: differently from verbal and telephone requests or requests made to only one expert, thanks to the above mentioned procedure the Customers are sure that ACO Informatica will take care of their request and its relative processing. Furthermore, assigning a ticket number always guarantees immediate traceability of any requests received and the identification and status of any carried out interventions.
  • Priority management: with the ticket, ACO Informatica experts assign a priority level based on the gravity of the problem found so as to answer first to the most urgent problems. The following priority order determines the approximate time of intervention:
    • 1. Blocking – 4h
    • 2. Critical – 8h
    • 3. Standard – 3gg
    • 4. Not urgent – 2sett
    • 5. Low – 1mese
  • Queue respect: the use of the ticket guarantees the Customer that, in case of equal priority, the request will be processed in the same order as it was received. The biggest benefit due to this system occurs when the number of contemporaneous support request is high, which otherwise would force the Customer to wait on the phone without being sure of receiving the desired support.
  • Process transparency: thanks to the ticket number, the Customer can be updated on the processing status and know which and how many interventions have already been carried out at any time. With the interventions invoice, you will also receive a detailed summary of all the activities carried out for a single ticket and of the processing time.

3. Intervention execution mode

To receive support, the customer will be contacted by the ACO Informatica expert in the following ways, chosen by the expert according to the type of problem individuated in the request:

  1. e-mail
  2. phone call
  3. online connection
  4. internal process
  5. on site

The online procedure can be activated only by the Customer’s approval.

4. Interventions under warranty and upon payment

All interventions due to error or malfunctioning of ACO Informatica software are interventions under warranty and so they are included in the yearly licence fee.

All other requests, technical and regulatory advisory, shall be carried out upon payment (except for lump sum support agreements) according to the prices in the Technical Support price list.

The support duration is calculated in indivisible 30-minute-blocks, whereas the one under point 5 (on site) is rounded off to the following hour. The amounts for the interventions provided will be invoiced by the end of the month following the intervention itself.

5. Ticket closing

Once the intervention has been concluded, the Customer will receive a closing communication via email containing the ticket data, which will then be summarized in its relative invoice.

Download the current Technical Support price list:  Technical Support price list